An easy entertaining option

Gourmet platters

all occasion drop-off platters, perfect for centrepieces, complete meal replacement, late night snacks, picnics or on a houseboat cruising the river.


Asian finger food $70.00

Spring rolls, mini dim sims, samosas

Served with coriander, sweet chilli and soy dipping.

The French picnic table$95

an assortment of imported cheese’s accompanied with smoked salmon, pickled vegetables, marinated green olives, sweet onions, cured meats, caper salsa Verde & dill crème fraiche & crusty baguette.

Charcuterie, anti-pasto $95.00

Char-grilled capsicum, eggplant & zucchini, marinated mushrooms, pesto bocconcini balls, marinated feta, spiced green olives, kalamata black olives, dolmades, Sopressa salami, Parma prosciutto, brandy pate, lavosh and crusty baguette,

Finger licking chicken.  $80.00 (60 pieces)

Buffalo chicken wings, crumbed chicken tenderloins, lemon myrtle chicken skewers, aioli

Vegetarian $75.00 (60 pieces)

Arancini, samosas, pastizzi and Mediterranean quiche

Cold meat and cheese platter $90.00

Sliced leg ham, salami, chicken pieces, cucumber, diced cheese and cherry tomatoes

 Warm seafood platter $95.00

Salt and pepper squid, Australian prawns wrapped in bacon, tempura battered whiting, crumbed squid rings served with tartare sauce and lemon wedges.

Prawns and oysters $100.00

Cooked Australian king prawns, freshly shucked oysters with a variety of condiments.

Crudites and dips $70.00

Vegetable crudités with Mediterranean dips, lavosh & salted croutes

Kids only. $60.00

Mini pizzas, party pies, party pasties, crumbed chicken fingers and meatballs.

Australian cheese $90.00

A selection of Australian cheeses

Served with fruit, almonds, quince paste and lavosh.

Exotic fresh fruit 75

 A combination of seasonal exotic seasonal sliced fruit.

Assorted bite sized slices and tarts $95.00 (approx... 60 pieces)

Four varieties of slices i.e. Tim tam and kahlua cheesecake, cherry ripe slice and lemon meringue tartlet.


For more information regarding these platters please do not hesitate to contact salt and pepper catering.


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